During initial consultation GROUND will conduct a complete brand review for your organisation. We will be looking to identify key criteria, which will enable us to ensure your corporate branding is working effectively for your business.

Questions we'll ask you you that help us unearth your key marketable attributes...

  • What is your USP?
  • How are you different?
  • Why use you rather than your competitor?
  • What does your company’s image say?
  • Is it the right image for your target market?
  • Does it reflect your goals for the company?
  • Do you need a strapline?

Once your key marketable attributes have been unearthed, GROUND will ensure you have a brand approach that exploits them effectively. Your dedicated Marketer and Designer work closely together to ensure that all physical representation of your brand, such as your logo and any marketing collateral, has evolved alongside the business.


It is important to remember that brands have many benefits and GROUND will work with you to ensure you are getting the best from yours.

  • Brands drive loyalty
  • Brands provide an attractive and distinctive face and set of values to drive sales
  • Brands provide a framework to deliver customer communication, creating a consistent message to the customer
  • Branding adds value to your organisation; book price and shareholder value can increase massively through intangible assets such as a brand
  • A well-positioned brand builds deep relationships with customers and increases the success of diversification in terms of product set and routes to market