Alexandra Gabriel is a singer/songwriter. She blends her stunning vocal range, cello and piano into unique compositions creating a sound that may be classified as new age but when experienced can only be described as other worldly.


// Value Proposition // Brand Identity // Stationary // Web Design // Social Media Campaign // Image Search & Acquisition // Photography // Album Artwork // Event Signage // Marketing Collateral


“Launching in to the music industry as a solo artist can be a complicated and potentially expensive minefield. GROUND helped me to express my unique creative identity, enabling me to reach my perfect audience. They supported the creation of branding and content for my website, social media, launch event, stationary and P.R. From this I then released my debut album ‘Unconditional’ with Ground with performances at leading UK festivals, radio and a UK tour. They connected me with the perfect Producer for the album and advised in the negotiations of distribution and contracts. GROUND were also key in recommending an effective budget for my marketing needs helping me to decipher key areas for me to most effectively spend to grow! I would not hesitate to recommend the vibrant, committed and creative team at GROUND.”

ALEXANDRA GABRIEL - Singer, musician, Songwriter and Performer

We really did make it all possible!

  • Created Brand Identity and Blueprint relevant to B2C target audience.

  • Web design and build with e-commerce function

  • Recording studio secured and producer royality percentages negotiated

  • Photography of Artist

  • Album Artwork and Pressing / Print

  • Soundcloud & iTunes set up

  • Launch Concert & Live Tour PR & Promotion activity

  • Main stage @ London Wellbeing festival

  • Banner design and print

  • Plays on International online radio – Soul Traveller, Peaceful Radio

  • Sky Academy Arts scholarship submission

  • Social Media Campaign – Facebook

  • Marketing Collateral – for event promotion, Print and Digital

  • PR – Local radio weekly slot

Alexandra is a trained opera singer and was performing at high-profile events including supporting Andrea Bocelli on stage. Her desire was to pursue her own music and establish herself in the New age music genre. She briefed GROUND to help her define her identity as an artist and research the choice of genre as the right direction. She engaged us to develop her brand identity and multichannel presence and secure her a music producer which also involved negotiating the album royalties.

Music artists are now able to self- publish without recording contracts – however this can often leave them investing large sums of money without a clear strategy for target audience and their own personal brand. And although talented musically can often flounder as marketeers leaving them disheartened and broke.

GROUND offer an Integrated service to Alexandra Gabriel.

We began with an analysis of the current New Age music market, the successful artists in that genre, the personal brands that they created, the media promotion activity for their albums and events and the types of venues and festivals where they featured. This allowed us to establish the creative direction for Alexandra as a new recording artist. We created the brand, conducted a photo shoot and built the website in conjunction with securing a producer and studio time, supporting Alexandra with the contractual negotiations.

When the album had been produced to final cut, we created the album artwork for the print/pressing stage. Promoting the album ‘Unconditional’ with PR, Launch event and a performance at the London Wellbeing exhibition in Earls Court were the next steps.

An important part of an artist’s journey is to develop their next offering and secure future finance. We wrote a Sky Arts Academy competition application about her next creative idea, uploading imagery, her ‘Unconditional’ album and website thus grounding the direction of Alexandra’s next album ‘Voices of The Goddess’ We also supported her in the producing, creative design and promotional material for this second album. Alexandra now has a base of followers and contacts which allows her to self-promote and create bespoke live music events relevant to her target audience.

Artists that need to ground their creativity into a tangible marketable product and engage their target audiences through social media platforms would benefit from these services.