Quantum Group Meditation programmes unlock the limitless potential of people, impacting the performance of the business as a whole.


// Value Proposition // Brand Identity // Web Design // Content Management (Articles + Press) // Sales Collateral // Print Design // Event Design // Social Platforming // Sales Collateral


“I came to GROUND.agency with the idea for a meditation business and they have transformed that into an offering that works for business leaders and their employees. The brand they have developed ensures I can expand my offering to other target markets like Education as my business grows. They are strategic partners in the truest sense always with my best interests at the forefront, advising budget spend only on the right elements that will make the most impact. Through their network they found me an opportunity for a Case Study with City Hall – that’s the kind of partner value they can add, I can’t recommend their service highly enough."


We really did make it all possible!

  • Created strong Value Proposition
  • Created Brand Identity relevant to the B2B target audience.
  • Web design, Content & Copy developed.
  • Social Platform set up – Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Sales Guidelines Document
  • Content Strategy for Launch campaign - LinkedIn published articles, curated/created tweets, case study pitches to businesses.
  • Event graphics – Pop up banners, Canvas
  • Sales Collateral - conception, copywriting, design – Print and Digital

For wellbeing businesses looking to target a business audience it is important to build the profile of the business to appeal to a B2B audience. Identifying the USP and Value Proposition for the Business in any new venture is a vital foundational step and one that is so often overlooked.

Quantum is a brand-new start-up business in launch phase. Their founder Dawn John was delivering meditation in a B2C environment and wished to expand into the Corporate market. She briefed GROUND to undertake a review of the target market and their pain points and potential barriers and craft the offering to address these.

GROUND offer a Fully Managed service to QUANTUM MEDITATION

Initially we were engaged in a consulting capacity to help develop the ideas that the Founder Dawn had into a business offering, from the name, the target audiences, the product, the benefits and the pricing, to the route to market. Once that was defined we created the brand blueprint for a Corporate and Education audience. In the launch phase, as a small business, current resource and manpower was a deciding factor for initial activity. We focussed on developing the offering for the Corporate audience, building the website and social platforms to support this direction and creating printed and digital sales collateral to promote Quantum’s service offering.

Once the online presence was established we worked on establishing Quantum in the market place by seeking out case study opportunities that will be used as proof points for future clients and in PR activity whilst also looking for speaker opportunities for Dawn at conferences with a senior level business audience. Activity in these areas is ongoing…

Entrepreneurs who have an idea and need help with bringing it to fruition and once achieved are focussed on the selling and delivery of their services or product and building their network and pipeline will find this blend of consultancy and fully managed service beneficial.