At GROUND, we recognise the importance of a professional website that delivers customer leads or sales. It is an essential element to most businesses and commonly the first point of call for any prospective client.

Utilising our extensive web experience, GROUND can tailor innovative custom websites. Whether you have a specific design in mind or are looking for inspiration, our highly-skilled Web Designers can provide your company with an innovative, professional and effective online presence which you can be proud of.

Our web design services include...

  • Domain registration & set-up
  • Content creation
  • Template design
  • Image sourcing
  • Re-working of existing content
  • Social media integration
  • Google analytics & SEO set-up
  • Data capture

What’s more, GROUND provides full Content Management Systems (CMS) with every website we create. This means you can update content yourself via a user-friendly, secure control panel.


You may be wondering, “Why would I need a new website? I already have one!” but there’s a good chance that if your website is more than 3 years old, it’s noticeably outdated and reflects poorly on your company. In the digital world new trends and technologies change on a weekly, sometimes daily basis and keeping up can be difficult.

  • Redecorate Your Digital Store Front
  • Just like your brick-and-mortar storefront, it’s good to update the aesthetics of your site occasionally. Trendy, clean websites catch your customer’s eye and make them want to explore further. It also gives your customers the impression that your company is up-to-date and organized.
  • Updated Technology
  • If you haven’t updated your website in a few years, you may be missing out on having your website connected to your social media channels, an active calendar of events, and other helpful plugins. These can help your website and your business run more efficiently.
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • 85% of websites are now viewed initially on mobile devices. Mobile optimization is also now (as of 2016) figured into Google’s Search Engine Optimization ranking. Without a mobile optimized site you are now less likely to be ranked high on Google and found by potential customers. You are also more likely to loose potential customers that do make it to your site.